¡Viva la Evolución!


¡Viva La Evolución! 

a Virtual Reality experience by Fifer Garbesi and VR Playhouse

“You’re sitting on the floor of a cramped loft in Havana, Cuba. The sun streams through a window overlooking a market, and the sounds of chickens clucking and people bartering filters in softly from outside. Inside, it’s a makeshift recording studio complete with turntables, mixers and crates of vintage dance vinyls. Your journey into Cuba’s electronic music underground – a creative retaliation against this country’s isolationism – begins here.

You are soon joined by the godfather of Cuban electronic music, Joyvan Guevara. Guevara keeps the spirit of free parties alive in Cuba, and tonight, he has planned a massive rave. There, you’ll dance ’til dawn as you experience the incredible story of a people perched on the brink of a global culture and the artists leading the way.”

Watch the trailer on Youtube for Gear VR or Cardboard.



WLRN Radio

Mandt VR 




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