Con Te Damanhur

A Virtual Reality experience by Fifer Garbesi and KEYFRAME 

360° Interactive Documentary
Damanhur, Italy (2017)
15 Minutes

Produced in conjunction with KEYFRAME to accompany Reinhabiting the Village, a guide to transformative culture worldwide.

Featuring incredible stunning sound by ECCO VR.

Damanhur OneSheet Guide (2.jpg

Welcome to Damanhur, the ‘laboratory for the future of humankind’ in the Italian Alps. Home to singing plants, massive underground temples, and a remarkable community dedicated to autonomous, spiritual, and sustainable living…

In this nonlinear 360° experience you will be free to explore this alternative society as you wish…

Learn why the Damanhurians left civilization to create a new life here as they tend to their crops, teach their children, heal with selfic energy, cook a communal dinner, and more. After discovering the four pillars of life in Damanhur and reaching the Temples of Humankind, you will leave with a deeper agency over your own life.

I first heard of Damanhur from a retired Australian DJ who had traveled to eco-villages all over the world. I was feeling lost after my journey to Standing Rock and was seeking examples of alternative societies.

Experimenting with the documentary form, this virtual reality experience allows you to explore Damanhur on your own and learn about their fundamental principles which act as keys to enter the Temples of Humankind.